SmartMove Program

Many traditional project management software tools prioritise process over people. The results are walled-off systems that are too complex and rigid to be embraced by teams for everyday use.

MSP_DonnaSmartsheet, on the other hand, was designed from the ground up to fit the way your users want to manage projects – emphasising ease of use, flexibility, collaboration, and transparency. With its quick learning curve and track record for rapid user adoption, Smartsheet is a proven superior alternative… typically for a fraction of the cost.

As a result of increasing demand from Enterprise customers, Smartsheet now offers SmartMove, a program that provides a structured process for transitioning your organisation away from old project management tools and into Smartsheet.

Who is it for?

The SmartMove program is designed for Smartsheet customers looking to potentially migrate 50 or more users from another project management software.

How does it work? What’s involved?

The goal of SmartMove is to equip your organisation with the tools and know-how to independently migrate project management work over to Smartsheet. Your dedicated Smarter Business Processes Product Expert will walk you through three phases:


1. Investigate

The program begins with an investigation of current project management software usage within your organisation. Your Smartsheet Product Expert works with you to identify which projects would likely be better served with Smartsheet and then helps you set preliminary migration targets and timelines.

2. Validate

To help manage risk and ensure a successful wider migration rollout, your Product Expert works closely with a small group of initial users (3-5) to establish a proof of concept. This process is designed to prove the value, surface and address potential obstacles, and transfer Smartsheet product knowledge and best practices. The initial group of early adopters also forms the foundation of your own in-house Smartsheet Expert Team.

3. Migrate

Having proved out Smartsheet’s superior value as a project management alternative, your organization will then be ready for wider scale migrations. Your Smartsheet Expert Team members become evangelists guiding other users throughout your organisation as they migrate work to Smartsheet.

The SmartMove program is the fastest and smartest way to transform the way your organisation manages projects. Download PDF here.  Contact your Smartsheet account team for more details.

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