Work Management Accelerator Program

Over the last decade, companies have focused on driving innovation – in every function of the business – products, strategy and business processes. Companies have focused on enabling people to actively collaborate on things that matter and creating new ways to work – for everyone in the organization. To do this, enterprises have invested in tools that help break down silos, empower users and boost productivity.

Introducing Work Management Accelerator Program


The Smartsheet Work Management Accelerator Program (WMAP) is a services offering that helps qualified customers jump start active collaboration to help unlock productivity. WMAP is a structured engagement that provides CxOs / VPs and other leaders with a disciplined approach for applying Smartsheet’s work management capabilities to solve key business challenges and ignite organic adoption. WMAP will provide customers with a framework to analyze opportunities to streamline business processes and how to apply Smartsheet to solve some of these – more collaboratively, consistently and efficiently.

Is WMAP for you?

The ideal customer for WMAP will already have some experience using Smartsheet – in smaller teams. You recognize the intrinsic value that Smartsheet provides your teams and want to rapidly scale the adoption into new use cases, processes and teams. To get the most from WMAP, you will need to be willing to embrace new approaches and have secured organizational alignment to help drive the adoption process. Smartsheet will bring experts to help you through this process and is invested in your success.

WMAP Methodology

WMAP utilizes a four-part process that enables organizations to work through defining areas of priority, building the solutions and demonstrating measurable business value. Smartsheet experts will apply this actionable methodology to help you plan and execute solutions that accelerate your business outcomes.


Smartsheet is at the forefront of delivering work management solutions that help teams coordinate different types of work more efficiently, across all departments – making Smartsheet an essential utility for your entire organization. To help move your business objectives forward, WMAP can deliver solutions that facilitate change management, build operational alignment and get work done – across your company.

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