6 Marketing Operations Skills for Successful Marketing Managers

The term “marketing manager” is a broad title, and the position itself can encompass several different individual roles and responsibilities. In a typical workday, you may find yourself gathering and analyzing data, overseeing marketing workflow processes, holding strategic planning meetings, encouraging the talent of your team members, and more. 

So what are the key marketing operation skills that you must have to be a successful marketing manager? While there are many skills of value, we think that the following 6 skills are essential to all marketing managers:

1. Technology and Automation

Technology and automation are key to making your job more manageable and helping your marketing team function more efficiently. The best way to oversee the various aspects of a marketing campaign is by taking advantage of the technology and marketing automation systems that are available. Any successful marketing manager should know how to use technology and automation to streamline marketing processes such as customer segmentation and customer data integration. This knowledge will also help inform campaigns and marketing initiatives.

2. Campaign Analysis and Reporting

To continue to grow and improve as a marketing manager, it is important to calculate the success of each marketing campaign. By gathering and examining historical data, behavioral data, and customer data related to a marketing campaign, you can optimize campaign success and improve future performance. Though analysis and reporting of marketing campaigns are often thought of as the “boring” or “burdensome” part of the process, it is no less critical to your success and that of the client. Your job isn’t to deliver shots in the dark; it’s to deliver results.

3. Data Management

Just as you should have an understanding of the technology and automation systems in place, it is important to understand data management. Gathered data allows for accurate campaign analysis and reporting and offers great insight moving forward. Rather than push data management off as a job for the tech department, a good marketing manager should oversee and understand this process to ensure that data collected is accurate. Know how to use Google Analytics. Know how to use Excel. Know how to gather and input data. All of these skills will help you.

4. Workflow Process and Development

One of your primary jobs as a marketing manager is ensuring that work is completed to a high standard, on time. It is your responsibility to set up a workflow process that you can repeat for each marketing campaign. Essentially, these workflow processes ensure that there is a system in place that allows for things to get done without the need for you to constantly intervene. Team members should all have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and everyone should know the processes involved for routine tasks, such as review and approval. You also need to constantly evaluate this process and make adjustments as needed.

5. Talent and Skills Development

As the saying goes, a team is only as good as its weakest player, and as a marketing manager, you essentially are coaching a team. You have to motivate your team members to bring out their skills and talent and use them to produce innovative and creative work. Encourage brainstorming, recognize areas of strength, work together on improving areas of weakness, and be open to hearing out new ideas. Perhaps most importantly, be approachable and make sure your team members feel like they are on equal footing with one another and are a valued member of the team.

6. Project Management

Project management is the skill used to oversee all these other tasks and functions. You need to be able to multi-task as you are constantly planning, strategizing, and organizing. You are managing resources and motivating team members, all to ensure that you meet project goals and finish them within the promised constraints. The role of project manager isn’t some throw-away middle management position; it is incredibly important with great responsibility.

Develop These Skills to Achieve Personal and Professional Success

The role of a marketing manager is by no means easy and carries with it an extensive list of responsibilities. However, if you possess and develop the skills mentioned above, and (perhaps more importantly) have the drive needed to achieve results, success can be yours.

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