Business Process Mapping

Formalising Processes to ensure Smartsheet Usage is Maximised

  • Have you identified Smartsheet as the tool you’d like to use to store and analyse your data?
  • Are you ready to start creating sheets, reports and dashboards?
  • Do you know where to start?

At Smarter Business Processes we are committed to providing excellent quality consultancy to our customers.  We know and understand that Smartsheet is at its most effective when it is used to support a fully defined and documented business process.  The question is – Do you have them?

Without a defined process…

  • How do you know what you’d like Smartsheet to do?
  • Do you find people work in silos, all using their own solution for their interpretation of what the process should be?
  • Are you constantly re-structuring your Smartsheets?
  • Are you using Smartsheet without understanding its full workflow capabilities?

How does Business Process Mapping help?

Smarter Business Processes Consultants want to provide the highest quality services to you, so we ask the question – Do you have defined and documented business processes?  Do you know how to define a Process?  If not, we offer a 1 or 2 day workshop to help clients identify what they really need their toolset to do by helping them to Define the Process that drives the need for Smartsheet.

Through  discussions we identify the 5 core areas of Business Processes; then using the clients real scenario we help define those 5 core areas and show best practise methods of documenting the process activities (known as Process Modelling).

Recommended documentation provides a clear, defined Map (visual) of the process and a detailed Narrative document (how to) which can then be circulated.*

KPIs are defined and the Smartsheets can then be configured to measure the processes success. 

Within the Business Process Mapping workshop identifying where Smartsheet can be used is the main aim, resulting in an unambiguous statement of work for our consultants to use to aid the configuration of the toolset.

*SBP can help with Process Modelling Documentation following this workshop if required


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