Conditional Logic for Smartsheet

Are you looking for the flexibility and interconnectivity of Conditional Logic for your Smartsheet data?

Thought this wasn’t possible with Smartsheet?

Think again.

At Smarter Business Processes we’re always thinking of new ways to help our clients get the most functionality and operability out of Smartsheet.

Here’s a cool solution we’ve implemented to help our clients get the most out of their Smartsheet data by integrating Smartsheet with Appsheet.

The challenge

Our client needed their Smartsheet data in column A to determine the data in Column B, the Column B data to determine Column C, and so on.

Our solution

We were able to connect the Smartsheet tables to Appsheet, which enables the user to view their Smartsheet data in Appsheet’s Interactive Dashboard mode.

The result is a clean, efficient method of drilling down into data as this animated GIF demonstrates.   


Your data, visible to who you want, controlled your way.

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