Is out-dated software stifling your innovation?

Following several successful Smartsheet implementations within the NHS Highlands across Estates and Facilities, Health and Safety, Compliance, Administration, Planning and Project Management, key managers on our Smartsheet Discovery Days made comments like:

  • “Smartsheet has saved me a day a week” and
  • “Job satisfaction has improved enormously along with significant cost savings”

What are our clients looking for?

Tools or apps that will give them a clearer view of their planning and help them to better communicate those plans to their teams.

What tends to be their current planning tool of choice?

Most often it’s spreadsheets, but using static spreadsheets doesn’t allow teams to collaborate in real time and lots of time is wasted in unnecessarily repetitive activities.

What is the main attraction to Smartsheet?

The fact that it has a familiar spreadsheet interface makes users feel comfortable, then they start collaborating and Smartsheet takes them as far as their imagination allows: Assigning tasks, attaching files, sharing sheets, viewing timelines, setting alerts, creating web forms, going mobile.

As well as being intuitive, Smartsheet is also extremely cost effective, with costs measured in the £100s

What role does Smarter Business Processes play?

Our job is to show you what is possible using Smartsheet, help you to implement it using tried and tested methodologies (if you need it) then train up your contributors and collaborators to develop use of the software for lots of further savings, leaving you with immediately workable solutions.

See what NHS Highland’s Head of Health & Safety, Bob Summers had to say:

“I manage a busy NHS health and safety service across the Highlands of Scotland. The sites and services are diverse as is the geography and “reaching out” to managers and getting actions updated and tracked is very challenging.

Our team urgently needed a planning and collaboration system that would improve communications and progress feedback across a this huge geographical area of Scotland and we were all maxed out on Excel Spreadsheets, Project etc. – too complicated, lots of duplication and time consuming.

Richard delivered a two day Smartsheet Discovery and training session to our corporate health and safety and Estates team, then worked individually with each department, Estates, Administration and Health and Safety to make sure that each delegate finished the two days with immediately workable solutions that they could share with their own teams.

In Health and Safety, we rolled out Smartsheet to all our regional HS managers who were as enthused as we expected at being able to get work done faster and more efficiently, so Richard returned for a further day and delivered the Smartsheet Discovery and training session for all my this team then helped each of them to build specific solutions that they needed to integrate with our overall strategy.

Discovering new ways of working with Smarter Processes has furher inspired my team to develop new ideas, and help our geographically dispersed managers to deliver and manage Health and Safety more effectively and simply

We strongly recommend both the Smartsheet system and Richard Rymill as the lead consultant to help large organisations that are currently heavy users of spreadsheets to book your own Smartsheet Discovery and optimisation training day, you won’t be disappointed”.

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