Excel to Smartsheet Data Refresh

Smartsheet users can easily transmit data out to Excel but lack the ability to sync the Excel data with Smartsheet in both directions on demand.  This app resolves that.

Example business case where the work gets done in Smartsheet but confidential data and statistical analysis is done in Excel or Google sheets for senior management. Currently the client is manually keying or copy pasting the updated numbers to the Smartsheet.

This practice is not only time consuming, error prone and does not encourage frequent updates to the Smartsheet but makes it hard to make timely decisions with out-of-date data.


  • Maps up-to-date summary data from Excel or Google to project or finance summaries on Smartsheet
  • Mapping is done using this App to link the Excel or Google data to the Smartsheet data
  • Update action:
    • 1 ] User opens the Refresh App and clicks on the Sync button to pull the latest data updates from the source Excel or Google sheets into the Appsheet tables for these source sheets
    • 2 ] User next opens the SmartSheet view and selects all the Smartsheet items (for example: project summaries) that they want to update from the Excel or Google sheets — checkmark selection.
    • 3 ] User clicks on the Update action button which updates the SmartSheet view data.
  • Other users and managers viewing the Smartsheet will see that the Smartsheet has been updated by other users and can refresh the sheet.


  • We will review the source sheets and the target Smartsheets to ensure that the data types will be compatible and to create unique data line record ID’s to relate the data between the sheets.
  • Client provides access to their source sheet and their SmartSheet, and we connect it to the AppSheet app
  • Creation of a custom Appsheet application to manage the refresh process.
  • We do the mapping and apply the update option
  • We will set up the secured access to the app for the admin person responsible for updating the Smartsheet data
  • As new projects are added to the source spreadsheet then a new project summary needs to be added to the target Smartsheet putting in the same data summary line ID as the source sheets.
  • Fixed price includes one Consultancy day (8 hours) ***

Prices from $25 per month

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