A Very Happy Christmas to our amazing clients across the Globe

A Very Happy Christmas to our amazing clients across the Globe

 What an incredible year!

Thanks go out to all our clients around the world. from  Hawaii, all over the USA and Canada, Europe and even as far south as Australia and New Zealand. We are very grateful for the opportunity they have given us to work with them and develop business improvements that have led to feedback like “you have saved me a day a week” and “you have helped us create a culture of continuous improvement”.

It is great to have the business but even nicer to hear back from people that we have improved their quality of life taking away painful activities and replacing them with clarity, visibility, measurement and the knowledge that they now KNOW EVERYTHING IS FINE because working collaboratively in REAL TIME using cloud based apps takes away the worry that NOT KNOWING causes.
Where did it all start? About 3 years ago we were looking for a more collaborative planning solution that was easier to use, cheaper than MS Project, and more functional than Excel or  Google Docs and we found  Smartsheet.

Then this year a major US client introduced us to PROOFHQ an English company which solves the problem of getting any type of Digital or Printed collateral Proof read, reviewed, commented on, updated and improved in an easy to use online system that provides audit and tracking for all concerned.
Building Smarter Processes is a partnership of the client’s unique knowledge of their own industry and practices coupled with our 3rd party knowledge and experience of what works well and where the typical pinch points are. Working together we quickly build intuitive and workable solutions with instantly measurable results.

 We get a lot of satisfaction in helping our clients resolve their challenges, so a big thank you to all .

May we wish our special clients around the world a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, prosperous and successful 2015. From Richard, Gwen, James, Chris and Mike