Infographic: A New Study Finds the True Benefits of Using Smartsheet

What are the true benefits of Smartsheet:

  • Are they measurable?
  • Is it possible to improve ROI into the double digits?
  • What about cost savings?

We like to think Smartsheet enables organizations to not only work more productively and collaboratively, but also realize true ROI and savings. Sure, we’re a little biased, so we wanted to get some 3rd party validation, commissioning the analyst firm Forrester Consulting to talk to our customers, dig in and do some research, and find out what measurable benefits our customers receive.The result? A comprehensive study entitled…

“The Forrester Total Economic Impact of Smartsheet”

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[The infographic below highlights some of the key findings]

Forrester Study Infographic on True Benefits of Smartsheet

1,437% Increase in ROI? [It’s True!]

In the study, Forrester conducted interviews with our enterprise customers across industry verticals such as real estate, education, and technology. The study found that our customers –  using Smartsheet – were better able to streamline and standardize processes and boost productivity, ultimately leading to shorter sales cycles, bigger deals and increased revenue.

Among other anecdotal findings, Forrester found the following benefits of using Smartsheet:

  • 1,437% increase in full ROI
  • 25% increase in team productivity
  • 21% increase in project manager productivity
  • $200,000 in savings due to 3% reduction in errors

Using Smartsheet does bring some powerful, measurable benefits to our customers. (Now we don’t feel as biased anymore!)

Download a full (free) copy of the report here