New in Smartsheet: See Images in your Sheets

We’re excited to announce our newest feature: inserting images directly into Smartsheet cells.

Viewing images in the grid (instead of clicking to open multiple attachments) provides instant context surrounding a project, as well as a time-saving method of feedback and direction. Here’s how it works:

How to add an image to a cell

In Excel and Google Sheets, images placed in a spreadsheet aren’t actually inserted into a cell. They float on the surface as an overlay. What’s the difference? Images floating over a cell don’t stay in the context of their surroundings. Should a team member add a row or column, the image will not move with the intended row or column, thereby removing it from its respective information. What’s more, images must be manually sized to fit within the confines of a cell. Our newest upgrade adheres the image to it’s intended cell, resulting in immediate alignment with its context.

Want to try for yourself? Open a sheet, and let’s get started:

  1. Right-click the cell you wish to contain an image.
  2. Choose Insert Image… from the dropdown menu.
  3. Then, pick the source of your image.

Image oneIt’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Even better — larger images scale down (while keeping their aspect ratio) to fit a column width without resizing. An image will never scale up to fit a larger column, thereby keeping its integrity. And as with wrapped text, a row height will automatically adjust to accommodate an image’s size.

Our mobile application is just as intuitive. Because display resolution is much higher on mobile devices, images viewed in the mobile app will not enlarge beyond their actual size. The layout may look a bit different from the desktop version, but your image will never be contorted.

Keep in mind, one cell holds one image. Inserting a second image will override the first.Compatible file formats include:

Simplifying how you work

One of the best qualities of Smartsheet is that it works the way you do. Allowing images in the grid won’t change any of your existing processes; instead, they’ll gain momentum, thanks to the real-world application of this handy visual tool. Here’s just a skosh of the possibilities it affords:

Marketing and designImage two











Asset libraries: Provide an instant visual lookbook to customers, new hires, or potential clients. Add notes, notes, project context, and descriptions for visual support.

Design requests and feedback: Eliminate indefinite emails back and forth for feedback and direction. Create a column for design versions, and add a column next to it for instant feedback. Then, compare two versions side by side.

Style guides: Create company or client style guides with visual examples, definitions, and applications outlined all in one place.

Image three

Real estate and construction

  • Property management: For a quick reference before property tours, create a roster of all available properties. Or manage maintenance and inspections with photographed documentation.
  • Construction punch list: Have visual documentation of the contracted job for faster confirmation of services.
  • Blueprints and sketches: Create statements of work before a job showcasing your intentions. It’s much easier to get an idea across when an image accompanies it.

The sky’s the limit

Image four











Visualize the possibilities give Smartsheet a  30-day free trial OR if you’d like help with your Smartsheet Design and Development, tell us what you need so we can suggest suitable solutions using our 1 hour free consultancy – Arrange it now !

Image five