OverDRIVE is a smart way to provide users and teams with simple and powerful web access to corporate data and information.

OverDRIVE lets you quickly and automatically build a project workspace or web portal using documents and data from your favourite cloud applications. See Testimonal

Starting with Google Drive, OverDRIVE integrates with a growing list of cloud services (like Smartsheet!) to pull data into the project or work context where it’s most valuable.


Project workspaces


Keep your projects running smoothly by sharing information and keeping your team connected
Simply create a Drive folder for a project and then resources such as plans, drawings, specifications, minutes of meetings and letters can be displayed in an accessible and user-friendly way for project staff; not only that, you can provide controlled and secure access for external members of the team such as contractors and partners.
Company intranet
Easily create an intranet for staff, keep them up to date with key information and provide controlled access to documents and files
It’s important to keep staff up to date with key information about the company, team, key projects, training, etc. so that they can fully understand the role they play within the team, the company and delivery of strategy and plans.

OverDRIVE is a great way to provide information resources or an intranet for staff. If documents or resources already exist such as a company handbook, health and safety policy or company logos, you don’t need to recreate them; they are already there in Drive and will be automatically updated to the website as you make changes. It’s also a great way to share files, images and other digital resources.


Digital asset library


Share digital resources with staff, external partners and suppliers
Businesses often need to share digital resources like logos, designs, layouts, photos and specifications with staff as well as external partners and suppliers. In many cases this is done through an extranet, which can be time-consuming and complex to create and maintain.

OverDRIVE is a great way to manage and publish digital assets without the hassle – simply put the resources into a Drive folder and then OverDRIVE does the rest for you. The assets are automatically listed or presented on a website in a clear and visually attractive way for whoever needs to see them. You can also easily navigate through huge quantities of photographs and other files and quickly narrow down your search requirements by using special search tools.

Photo repository
Store, manage and search for photos in large repositories, providing access to internal staff and external partners
Photographs are used extensively in many sectors to record and communicate progress, defend against litigation and report faults or issues; also to improve both customer service and training provision and much more. Photos stored in Drive can be accessed instantly through an OverDRIVE website which has special search and filtering tools for navigating huge quantities of photographs and other files.

OverDRIVE is in use in the construction sector: Site managers take and upload photos using an Android photo app to record building site progress. The app integrates with either a bespoke web application or OverDRIVE and allows HQ staff to view all the photos and perform tasks such as searches, adding notes etc.


Education portal


Colleges and Universities need to manage and publish large numbers of documents and other information resources, particularly at a course or class level.
A major University business school used OverDRIVE to provide access to documents for each year group, covering coursework, assignments and dissertations. Lecturers and administrators simply drag documents into the right folder and then they are displayed automatically on the appropriate web page.
Shop floor information
Ensure managers or shop floor workers have access to detailed manufacturing or technical information
OverDRIVE enables shop floor teams to see this information instantly, at the touch of a button, wherever they are. Its simple navigation and powerful search facility delivers quick, accurate and instantly updatable information, ensuring the whole team remain connected.

OverDRIVE is already responsive to different screen sizes but web pages containing the documents can also be customised for tablet use and include shop-floor friendly features like big buttons.


Virtual data room


Provide a virtual data room of documents for deals, transactions and due diligence
A virtual data room (VDR) is often used during the due diligence process for mergers and acquisitions or venture capital transactions and OverDRIVE is a straightforward way to provide this. The various parties involved in the transaction – both internal and external – can simply log in to a website and review or check relevant documents such as a list of assets or financial information.

Strong security for access and viewing permissions is paramount of course and this is provided by using a Google account with the recommended security policies. Through Google Drive, all common document types can be uploaded to the website, including (but not limited to) Word, Excel, PDF making this a flexible and secure way of sharing information.

School Resources
Provide controlled access to documents for school pupils for class, homework and blogs
Kids in each class simply use Google Docs to create and edit blog articles and these can be posted automatically to a school website which parents can view.

With assignments or projects, the pupils create and collate materials into a project folder using Drive and these resources are then displayed on a web page for the appropriate class and pupil.

OverDRIVE can also be used for pupils and teachers to access learning resources which might be needed for GCSE study. Instead of uploading vast numbers of documents to a school website, you can simply create an OverDRIVE site which is only accessible to pupils and teachers within your school. The same approach can also be taken with teaching resources such as lesson plans or for setting and submitting homework.

OverDRIVE’s success is down to its simplicity. It allows schools to communicate quickly, connect across devices and bring learning to life inside and outside the classroom.


Users first

OverDRIVE is a simple way to publish and manage information.

Cloud Computing and Software as a Service are allowing us to work collaboratively anywhere, anytime and from any device but our data is still separated into applications which can be difficult to integrate in a way that really helps users.

Automatically there

OverDRIVE lets you quickly and automatically build a project or web portal using documents and data from your favourite cloud applications.

Starting with Google Drive, where your files and folders are organised in logical structures, OverDRIVE integrates with a growing list of cloud services to pull data into a project or workspace when and where it’s most useful.

Flexible and powerful

OverDRIVE has a flexible and customisable website front-end, which is fully integrated with Drive, so you have secure and scalable document storage with a built-in collaboration feature too. There is no software to install and you only use a browser, so it’s nimble and easy to use.

Clever simplicity

The whole concept of OverDRIVE is clever simplicity. The web pages, permissions and navigation are automatically updated whenever you change the content in Drive, which means that you can create and securely publish content to share with people inside and outside your organization in a few simple clicks. There’s no need for a content management system (CMS) and no need for specialist technical know how. Not only that, but the whole lot is powered by the Cloud, giving access to whoever you choose, whenever they want, wherever they are and whatever device they have.

The difference
  • No software to install as you only use a browser
  • No content management system
  • No need for specialist know how
  • No hefty price tag unlike traditional solutions
On the way…

There are some exciting new features on the way.

With full Gmail integration, you’ll be able to view project emails in an OverDRIVE portal and CRM integrations will streamline organisations further.

OverDRIVE will also connect to other cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Salesforce and Box.com.