ProofHQ Consultancy

Design_Management_in_briefDeciding to use ProofHQ isn’t difficult. It measurably speeds up project delivery and significantly reduces management time, revisions, errors and costs. Because, unlike email and hardcopy proofing, ProofHQ enables review teams to collaborate simultaneously on creative content. ProofHQ simply streamlines approval workflow – and can be used across all media including print, digital and audio-visual.

It’s also a well established solution – with a customer base that includes supermarket chain Tesco, US telecoms giant AT&T, and UK car insurance company Admiral, ProofHQ is a British software company that has carved out a global niche.

To take full advantage of ProofHQ you need to implement it quickly, and you need to do it well – and that’s where we come in with our professional services to our customers.

These services can include:

  • Managing implementations of ProofHQ to scale
  • Benchmarking existing processes to assess opportunities for solution optimisation
  • Measuring/reporting performance improvements using ProofHQ
  • Integrating ProofHQ with project management, digital asset management and other tools
  • Designing more efficient processes and workflows
  • Change management consulting for faster/smoother integration
  • Remote support and best practice advice.

Assured Success

By letting us help you in the effective deployment of ProofHQ you’ll be leveraging our unrivalled experience of implementing Cloud Solutions across the wide industrial and professional landscape along with the many years of hands on knowledge of our individual consultants. We’ll be there with you – assuring your success.

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