ProofHQ is an online proofing solution for marketing teams of any size in any industry who need to deliver marketing projects faster and more efficiently. See the video below…

Faster Content Review & Approval


Give your review team and clients intuitive commenting and markup tools for clear and accurate feedback. ProofHQ streamlines workflow and drives results; deliver marketing projects 56% faster with less effort and lower costs.

Review anytime, anywhere


ProofHQ is a Cloud application – So you can review proofs online anywhere, anytime on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. The ideal solution for busy, distributed teams.

Many file types, one tool


Create a high-quality proof in just a few clicks from a wide range of media types including print, web, interactive, email, video and more. ProofHQ supports most static file types, including PDF, Adobe CS, Word, PPT, GIF, JPEG and many, many more.

Impressive ROI


A more efficient proofing workflow brings a £40 return on every £1 invested in ProofHQ. Payback period of just four weeks. The median rate of return from a ProofHQ implementation is 4,441 percent. Users gain faster, more efficient workflows at a fraction of the costs.

Compliance was never easier

magnifying glass

Truth-in-advertising and other regulations require users to ensure accurate branding, pricing and copy. All project versions are time-stamps, then ProofHQ stores them as an organized, traceable audit trail.

Multi-channel synchronisation


ProofHQ keeps creative assets organized and synchronized for both traditional and digital media. Catalogs, direct mail, packaging, in-store signage, print ads, web pages, banner ads, mobile pages, audio, video and more – all media content is organized, distributed and approved faster than hard copy and PDF proofing.

Proof Positive!!


ProofHQ asked IntelliLink, an independent consulting firm specializing in marketing process re-engineering, to verify and quantify the profit metrics. Using surveys and detailed interviews with ProofHQ customers, Intellilink measured the business and financial return of online proofing solution:

“Every survey participant indicated they saw significant benefits after implementing ProofHQ. The findings are impressive and … real!“ Patrick Boylan, President & CEO at Intellilink

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