Secret of a quiet Revolution in Business Process Efficiency

Secret of a quiet Revolution in Business Process Efficiency

Users of Smartsheet (an intuitive online project management tool) are rapidly discovering the benefits of collaborative team planning and execution.  Suddenly all the challenges and frustrations disappear at the click of a mouse. And they can use it on any platform and any device.

Smartsheet not only integrates with the latest cloud based solutions but with existing server based software, producing the best of both worlds

Why is Smartsheet a revolution?

  • For one, there are no big procurement meetings because costs are covered in hundreds not £10’s of thousands and the evidence that it works for virtually any organisation is everywhere
  • Because of its familiar interface and intuitive controls – it feels like an old friend and familiarisation training takes hours not weeks.

Why does Smartsheet usage go viral in organisations?

We typically implement Smartsheet, starting with the department that has the greatest need.  The Smartsheet solution often spreads like wildfire through departments as a culture of excellence evolves and colleagues see what can be achieved. Efficiencies cascade throughout the organisation creating a much improved work life balance and state of continuous improvement

So does Smartsheet replace Microsoft Project Server, SharePoint or Excel

No, not at all. Smartsheet is a complementary tool that works side by side with your existing systems including Excel and other Apps, but because it operates entirely in the cloud,  using any browser, it is implemented quickly and does all the collaboration work and data gathering that Excel cannot offer with none of the hurdles and blockers associated with traditional solutions.

So this really is a quiet revolution in just getting work done in the real world using Smartsheet as a state of the art solution, with Smarter Business Processes providing Consultancy, Training and Remote support to help you to get up and running quickly, in hours or days.  See our Client Testimonals

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