Smarter Mini Control Center

By very popular demand from our clients and the Smartsheet Users Community

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Smarter Mini Control Center – SMCC

A solution for replicating complex workflows from a range of templates set up for the rapid initiation of New Projects.

For those companies whose Business Processes are already well developed and have need of a Control Center that will allow them to Choose from their range of existing, often complex Workflows, that may included many Sheets, Reports, Dashboards, Linked cell Formulas etc, then with minimal new Project data entry…  they initiate that new project in minutes not days.

All the Automations, Notifications, Alerts and dashboard reporting is deployed in Real Time for immediate use.

SMCC is an alternative lower budget offering to the Fully Featured Smartsheet Control Center and as Smartsheet recommended Consultants and Partners, we are able to help our clients to implement Smartsheet’s own Control Center which can handle very Complex Project Automations.   Not sure which one you need?   Contact us to discuss.   

However, as an alternative to Smartsheet’s Control Center why not investigate our own Mini Control Center solution which we believe will suit more users at a significantly lower cost.

SMCC Standard Features out of the box. Available as a SaaS service paid either by subscription on a monthly basis or annual upfront

Enquire for more information and pricing.

Standard Features are:-

  1. SMCC provides a Global Smartsheet Control Center for managing your Smartsheet assets, be that Sheets, Reports or Dashboards.
  2. Initiation of New Complex projects along with naming conventions and placement of the new Project assets into designated Workspaces- saves time and maintains corporate structure and uniformity for Reporting and Dashboards.
  3. The ability to Globally or by filters, rename columns in specified sheets
  4. The ability to utilise Smarter Dropdown List Manager to globally update Dropdowns which can be Text lists OR Contact Lists
  5. The ability to Find and Replace Globally, eg Replace a departing team member with their replacement on every sheet they are tasked on, according to Filtered Criteria, eg only LIVE projects.
  6. Automatic Backup of Workspaces retaining structural look and feel in Smartsheet in preference to storing in Excel.  Backups timed to suit client preference.

We do appreciate that every client has their own specific needs and welcome ideas for using the API automation to innovate. We can build Custom Solutions based on SMCC and list below some ideas to set you thinking?

Suggestions for SMCC inclusions in client Customised versions?

Formula Loader

SMCC feature that scans all sheets in Client SS account and where it finds a formula in a column called “Formula Loader” it drops the resulting value of the formula in the adjacent column to the right changing % Complete by calculation ( Much requested)

Edit Link

Add an edit(Rename) link next to each cell in the table of results in the Update Dropdowns feature.

Semi-Global Find and replace

Like the current feature to rename a column name, but specify scope of change (for example checkboxes next to specific worksheets and/or folders)

Manage Contact lists

Exactly like Manage Dropdowns Lists, but the search results brings back Columns of type “Contact list” as well as “Drop Down list” type

Manage/(explore) Column Names

Same interface as manage Drop Downs, but Have checkboxes above to limit the results to any/all of the available column types (Duration/Date/Checkboxes/symbols/number-text)… so that essentially you have a true alternative to the Smartsheet search capability… one where, once you have pinpointed the resultset you are interested in, subsequent operations are immediately possible

Push to Smartsheet (From Excel and back to Excel)

Exactly like was done for the Excel Add-in we created but without having to install anything:  Create a new Menu items in SMCC called Push to excel that has two parameters: the smartsheet ID and the path to your Excel Spreadsheet (which you want to “clone”/and Update inside Smartsheet (WITHOUT GENERATING A NEW SHEET ID IN SMARTSHEET EACH TIME)

Cell value (Global find and replace)

In Smartsheet Business/ Enterprise you can only do a find/replace of values in your sheet if you are “INSIDE” the actual sheet.  Our feature allows you to update any value in any cell in any sheet in any workspace… Globally… with only two input parameters:  Current value and replacement value

Other automations available according to your need? What do you need?

We offer a free initial consultation for you to tell us what you need and for us to show you what is possible.  Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you