Smarter Mini Control Center

Smarter Mini Control Center is a powerful solution for better controlling your Smartsheets,  Projects and Processes – applying corporate consistency to ensure high quality statistics on which you can make insightful decisions.  SMCC is a group of widgets that controls Smartsheet to make Smartsheet even Smarter!

Choose from either Business or Enterprise plans or just purchase stand alone solutions like the popular Smarter Dropdown List ManagerSmarter Backups,   Smarter Workflow Manager,  and  Smarter Excel Integration

Plan and Features Table

All products listed here are sold as
“One Solution Per ACCESS TOKEN”
minimum term of 1 year
Available as Stand AloneIncluded in Business PlanBusiness Plan LimitsIncluded in Enterprise PlanEnterprise Plan Limits
Smarter Project InitialiserUnlimitedUnlimited
Smarter Data Manager
Smarter Column NamingUnlimitedUnlimited
Smarter Backups2 Client Workspaces All Admin WorkspacesUnlimited
Smarter Dropdown List ManagerCan be added20 Dropdown Lists across 50 sheets198 Sheets per Dropdown List, Unlimited Columns
Smarter Dropdown List Manager
- One to Many
Can be added20 Dropdown Lists across 50 sheetsUnlimited
Smarter Dropdown List Manager
- Content Collector
Can be added20 Dropdown Lists across 50 sheetsUnlimited
Smarter Formula LoaderCan be added5 Formula ColumnsUnlimited
Smarter Workflow ManagerCan be added5 Configured RulesUnlimited
Smarter Permission Explorer
Smarter Cell-Level Timestamp Manager
Smarter Excel Integration
Smarter Accounts
Want to see see how these work?  Take a look at our Tutorial Overviews

Smarter Mini Control Center SMCC is an alternative lower budget offering to the Fully Featured Smartsheet Control Center and as Smartsheet recommended Consultants and Partners, we are able to help our clients to implement Smartsheet’s own Control Center which can handle very Complex Project Automations.



Download our Smarter Smartsheet browser extension that provides conditional logic for Smartforms:



See User Instructions for what naming convention is required
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