Smartsheet Merge for Google Docs

Smartsheet Merge enables you to quickly create personalised invoices, form letters, work orders or other documents using a Google Doc template and data stored in Smartsheet.  You don’t have to spend hours copying and pasting or exporting your Smartsheet data.

With a couple of clicks, you can instantly generate hundreds of custom documents.  It’s like mail merge but with real-time collaboration and no version control issues.

You can collaboratively collect and track lists, names, addresses and other information in Smartsheet, then use Smartsheet Merge to push that data into a custom Google Doc template


Solving Real Business Challenges for Customers with Smartsheet Merge

Seco Tools had a work order sheet containing nearly 100 columns of information and needed a way to transpose certain row data into printable documents.  Smartsheet Merge provided the solution.  First they created a standard Google Doc template for all work orders.  Then they used Smartsheet Merge to map row data in the sheet to specific fields in the template.  Now they are able to create a printable page for every submitted work order which they submit daily to the factory floor to keep operations running smoothly.

Smartsheet Merge opened up an opportunity for multiple departments to integrate processes using Smartsheet simply by giving them a similar view of the data that they are accustomed to.  And it is so easy to do so!

Thank you for your pro-activity with listening to our requirements and acting so swiftly to come up with resolutions.  Jennifer Billings – Project Manager, Large Accounts, Seco Tools LLC

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