Clients are loving Smartsheet for Microsoft Outlook

Smartsheet for Outlook allows you to create or edit items in Smartsheet and collaborate on them in real-time, all without leaving your inbox.
Unclog your email and keep track of every detail with ease when you pair Smartsheet and Outlook together.

Key Features:

  • Convert any email into a shared item that instantly appears as a row in a Smartsheet project or sheet for all collaborators to see and act on.
  • Create or edit a Smartsheet item or task, then assign it to someone, schedule it, or add comments and other relevant details from the email.
  • Attach the entire email as a discussion associated with a Smartsheet item.
  • Search Smartsheet for the right sheet or project.
  • Add all or selected email attachments to a Smartsheet item.

From the Smartsheet for Outlook app, you can either log in to Smartsheet using existing Smartsheet credentials, or request a free trial of Smartsheet 

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At Build 2015, Smartsheet  also showcased a fully functional prototype of how its work management platform can be integrated with multiple Microsoft Office apps such as Outlook, One Drive and Contacts using the unified API.

This merging of data helps organizations visualize how people are working together, on what initiatives and the status of the work. “Being able to see a picture of who’s working with whom on what work has been invaluable to our customers. Now layering in the Microsoft Office 365 data into that visualization takes it to a whole new level,” Mader added.

As a trusted provider to many of the world’s industry-leading organizations including Cisco, Google, Bayer, HomeAway, Facebook, Groupon, DHL, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), and more than 60,000 other companies in 170 countries, Smartsheet is making significant strides towards becoming the global standard for work management.

Smartsheet pairs the familiar, easy to use spreadsheet interface with capabilities like real-time collaboration, work automation, Gantt chart features and integration with leading cloud productivity tools, leading to a flexible, highly functional project management tool that is becoming incredibly popular. It is used to collaborate, plan and execute a broad spectrum of work, including marketing campaigns, product launches, business operations, manufacturing processes, strategic planning and HR initiatives.

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