The Definitive Guide to Online Proofing

Getting creative work reviewed and approved is an often overlooked business process.

Carried out every day in organizations of all sizes and in all industries across the globe, it’s also a process that is time-consuming and often causes considerable frustration, especially for those in the marketing and creative industries.

The costs and inefficiencies of the review and approval process can be hard to isolate. When looked at on an individual level, the inefficiencies can seem localized, almost insignificant. But when the sum total of these activities are rolled up, examined and clearly labeled for what they are, it’s astonishing to see exactly how much time and effort is really spent on the review and approval process.

The good news is that review and approval is a process that can be greatly improved with online proofing, yielding tremendous benefits to both the individual worker and the organization.

Our new eBook, The Definitive Guide to Online Proofing, is a comprehensive resource for understanding and improving the content review and approval process. After reading this guide marketing and creative professionals will understand:

  • The content review and approval workflow and how it impacts a business
  • The market drivers and trends that influence the need for a more efficient content approval process
  • The benefits of optimizing the content review and approval process with online proofing
  • The spectrum of available proofing options and questions to ask when evaluating online proofing software
  • Why Guitar Center chose online proofing in a real-life case study

At the end of the day, we all want to complete our projects quickly and efficiently. The last thing we need is a roadblock from a botched review and approval process that effectively derails the whole project. The Definitive Guide to Online Proofing will show that any corporation, brand marketing team or digital marketing agency, regardless of industry or size, can benefit from optimizing the review and approval process.

Download your copy today.

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