Why Using the Right Tools Matter

Why Using the Right Tools Matter

Guest Blog by Mike Andrews, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Smartsheet.com

Effective leadership is largely about creating a culture of high performance, and motivating and empowering people to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Creating this kind of culture is rooted in the “get it done – results matter” philosophy.

It’s time for leaders to empower their teams to build and deliver project plans and successfully execute them. Doing so requires active participation and follow-through by everyone involved.

The Four Elements to Building a Culture of Productivity

  1. Strategy: What is the course of action to achieve your goals and objectives?
  2. People: Do you have the right people engaged and working on the right things?
  3. Process: Do you have highly efficient operational processes that facilitate execution of critical tasks?
  4. Tools: Do your tools unlock employee productivity, creativity and innovation, as well as support process execution?

It’s this last element, Tools, that I believe most leaders often overlook. Yet without the tools equation solved, there’s a gaping hole in your ability to truly create this desired – and needed – culture of productivity.   See More