Why Productivity Matters

Productivity is something we’ve been hearing a lot about recently, and that’s because it’s one of the few areas of the economy where Britain is struggling.

Britain is home to some of the world’s most innovative and dynamic businesses, staffed by incredibly talented, hardworking individuals. Yet our productivity – the rate of output per hour worked – is well below its potential. In stark terms, it now takes a worker in the UK 5 days to produce what his or her counterparts in Germany can deliver in 4.

Whilst the UK Government have some excellent long term plans to help address our Productivity lag, improvements will take years to soak through.

BUT by implementing the most efficient and collaborative Apps that smooth out administrative workflows NOW, the majority of UK companies can benefit from efficiency savings of  typically 20% to 40%. That’s one or two days per week per worker.


See our Favourite Four Technology Pillars, providing essential support to an organisation’s workflow management and implement;

  • Smartsheet for planning instead of Excel/Project
  • ProofHQ for proof review instead of Paper
  • DocuSign for e-signatures instead of Post and Fax
  • OverDRIVE as your Intranet solution for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

None of these apps requires a degree in Rocket Science, just a guiding hand through the change process and some familiarity training for your existing staff. Thats what we do!   Book your Free consultation and see how productive you could be.