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Smartsheet Wins DocuSign’s Paperless Partner Award

We’ve partnered with DocuSign to integrate electronic signatures into the Smartsheet workflow. And, last week, at DocuSign’s annual customer conference, MOMENTUM 2015, they recognized our hard work and innovative integration by naming Smartsheet “Rookie of the Year” in its first…
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SmarterBiz Academy launches to meet Smartsheet Training demand

Smarter Business Processes have launched their SmarterBiz Training Academy to satisfy demand from Smartsheet users eager to benefit from the latest Smartsheet feature updates. Previously only delivering on premise client training across the UK and Europe and remote consultancy and support…
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The Top 5 Smartsheet Apps for Marketers

Social media, email marketing, landing pages, blog writing, PR outreach — marketers wear a lot of hats and are constantly juggling different projects with various teams. And, they’re always looking for tools and apps to simplify their marketing efforts.  But,…
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How to Save Money in FY2015

As the Public Sector’s financial year draws to a close, it’s time to start planning for the challenges of the next fiscal year. One of the ongoing challenges within all areas of the Public Sector is how to improve service…
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Smartsheet Merge for Google Docs

Smartsheet Merge enables you to quickly create personalised invoices, form letters, work orders or other documents using a Google Doc template and data stored in Smartsheet.  You don’t have to spend hours copying and pasting or exporting your Smartsheet data. With…
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